Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My heel's on the bus.


Kind of like Christmas dinner with siblings, just when you think everything is going well, the shit hits the fan. Enter my poor overworked little heel. In the midst of a blissful 5k before work the other day there is a sharp pain like something hit a nerve in the back of my heel. I pause, pull the padded bit of my sock up higher and keep going. Drama averted. Finish the run, not too much worry, all is fair. Pace is fantastic. I feel like a superhero.

Couple days later I get out on a blissfully cool afternoon to try out the perfect local 5k. I'm wearing the same shoes (my Hokas, not my Asics) going at a great clip, need little walking, feeling strong and bazoinga, there is that old sharpie again. Try the same solution which works again til the sock falls back in, so there I go thinking there's too much 'stuff' between my heel and my shoe and it's causing me a friction issue. The heel of the Hoka rides up higher on my foot than my Asics and is nowhere near as cushioned. I've had similar across the top of my foot when my laces were too tight - couple days off and I'm back in action. So I hope once again.

Having pondered all this as I make it round and head home, favoring the dodgy foot but not *quite* limping, and google...

Oh my great good lord. Please don't be a hairline fracture. Please don't be insertional achilles tendonitis, which even hurts to pronounce. Next day I had a physio appointment and we are now looking (hoping) at the cause of bursitis as it only hurts when pressure is applied. (Funny that...just like life!) No pain on heel raises, no pain on stairs, no pain until I try to wear shoes and move at the same time.

Oh. Shit. It's winter. Timing is not my strong suit. You may not need toenails to run but you need TOES.

Fortunately Ugg boots (ok, ok, I'm too cheap for the real ones..."Ugg-type boots") are still in fashion and they press on nothing so on they popped today.

Such drama for such a tiny sac of fluid in the back of your foot. Will someone please email my body and tell it to behave? I have a marathon to train for. I have a huge Thanksgiving dinner to burn off at the end of the week so guess I'll have to break out the cycle and get a few laps of the park in. Can you cycle in Uggs?

I also have a lot of clamshells and side stepping to do. Can always strength train when your heel's on the bus, right? All day long.

Now where's mini coach...

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