Friday, 6 November 2015

Hip hip hoor-aye yay yay.


I haven't had sore hips like this since I was pregnant. It's day seven after the second of two half marathons in three weeks that I thought I could easily handle (read: it seemed like a good idea at the time) but the last one seems to have handled me.

My wise physio tells me I have one of the tightest Transport For London muscles she's ever seen. It's really called something entirely different but I can't for the life of me remember that acronym without making up some other shit entirely.

So tight TFL threatens ITB and I hobbled home last Sunday third from the end of the Water of Life half marathon. I was expecting them to ask me to shut the lights out on my way but amazingly there were still people there when I finished. Like, five or six people, but hey I finished a freaking monstrous cross country pain fest. I got my bling. I know what I need to strengthen. And I got my first ever flying feet photo, so there's that.

So while I long to run, I have resorted to stretching and walking one more week til my legs stop protesting and I've convinced them that it's time to really get rocking and rolling for London.

That said, I think I should get hazard points for trying to do crunches with a three year old sitting on my guts. And best you don't even ask how painful foam rolling feels with a 25 pound body laying on top of the working leg. Bursting into flames isn't quite a strong enough analogy - my root canal was slightly less painful.

But bless my son's interest in the whole thing - I must be doing something right. Maybe one day we'll run this race together.

My hopes are high. My goals are lofty. And my foam roller beckons, so keep your ears peeled for an appropriately grisly scream coming right up, just in time for Halloween.

Roll roll roll your butt, gently now we screaaaaaaam.
Merrilly merrilly merrilly merrilly London is the dream!

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