Thursday, 17 December 2015

Half speed ahead.


Nearly one month to the day since my heel screamed 'Oy! OFF me you silly cow!' I am beyond happy to report that I am BACK.
I'm pretty sure the acute injury I sustained last month and now seem to have got rid of had to do with the heel collar of my shoes bashing away at a sensitive spot at the base of my peroneal tendon and it flared up. In other words, my shoe beat the everloving crap out of my foot. I know there are weaknesses elsewhere and have identified a sore spot midway up the tendon that I've been foam rolling into oblivion, which combined with rest has put me back on two very short and tentative treadmill sessions this week - fist pumping the air after I surpassed my 20 minute goal today, uninjured. Oh the grin. I think I may have creeped a few people out *a little*.
I ran in my swizzy Chrimbo compression socks and a spanking new pair of my favorite Asics Nimbus which not only support my feet but pretty much caress them, take them on a date and drive them home in a Ferrari. I think I'm officially divorcing my Hokas. I'll even give back the ring. Take THAT you heel basher. Away with you. Go.
Throughout it all, I've been maintaining Operation Iron Arse so all square there. In fact, it occurs to me that all my previous problems have been in hips and core area and this has come on after all that strength work. So stands to reason I now have increased strength significantly amongst the 'usual suspects' that the pain has moved elsewhere, settled in and started frying up some bacon like a pack of squatters. Really? Ok. Ok. So what now?
There's so much science involved in this running lark I feel like I should get an honorary degree. Can't just go run. There are equations and formulae. I feel like I'm living in a petri dish. I am total and utter shite at science but cannot believe how much I am learning through all this about every square inch of my musculature. It's really pretty interesting. I knew a lot from many years as a dancer, but this aging body is throwing out a fair few more shapes than the young one did. Ok, you wanna dance? Let's dance you and I.
Since my original training plan has gone straight to hell in a handbasket I'm now on to plan B...if soreness stays at bay, the weekend will find me out for a thirty minute third 'test run' and a sports therapist visit. Then if all goes to plan I'll get back into my typical midweek 5ks next week and maybe a festive Parkrun on Boxing Day. I'm hoping to get the weekend 'long' run back to my comfortable 10k+ before January and then pretty sure I can swing a mile a week increase in long run up to April. So plan B it is. That is what happens in races, right? This is the mental practice. I know from my halves - especially the last tortuous one - that it's the mental stuff which gets you over the line. The body just does what it's told.
So firmly accentuating the positive, I'm revving up the engines. Here we go again!

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